Arrival & Departure

Each child must be signed in each class day. The binder, in which you will do so, will be located by the class room door.

WE MUST HAVE WRITTEN NOTICE FROM THE PARENT OR GUARDIAN BEFORE WE WILL RELEASE A CHILD INTO THE CARE OF SOMEONE ELSE. Please inform all those that will be transporting your child to/from school of our policies. We must have a written record of your permission for anyone picking up from school. Their names must be on the Emergency Form or an update note. (This includes another parent from class.) We will check photo ID for persons that we are not familiar with. Safety is our first priority!

While waiting for class to begin or after dismissal, we expect all children to be supervised and well-behaved on the Parish grounds.

Important Notes:

  • Please take your child to the bathroom before class begins. This is very helpful to us!
  • We will open the door to the classrooms at 9:00am. Please be patient!
  • Please be on time to class. It is stressful for your child and sometimes disruptive to the rest of the class when a child enters late.
  • Please do not use this time to conference with the teachers. We love to talk to the parents about their children – that is why we are here; however we will speak with you at an appropriate time.

EARLY DEPARTURE – If possible, please let us know if you need to pick up your child early. We will prepare them and have them ready to go.
LATE PICK UP – Children are expected to be picked up on time! After 3 incidents of a late pick-up, parents will incur a late fee of $1.00/per minute for each minute late. This policy is enforced to remind parents and guardians that the children do not like to be picked up late – it is stressful for them and very inconsiderate to the staff, many of whom have their own children to get home to.

If there is an emergency or unavoidable incident such as; a traffic accident, car trouble, etc., please call and let us know as soon as possible. We will be happy to help make alternate arrangements for your child if need be. Call the Office # 410-974-1994.