Creation Care Team

If you want to cultivate peace, protect creation.    - Pope Benedict XV

What we do:

We care for the earth right here at home

In order to become better stewards of God's creation

And to raise awareness in our parish

And in our community.

How we do it:

CELEBRATE EARTH DAY with an Earth Day Festival right here at St. Andrew by the Bay.

  • 200 plus participants
  • 7 plus hands-on activities for children
  • 1 pup, 1 kitten, 1 owl
  • 15 non-profits, at least 5 with the word "Chesapeake" in their name
  • 4 bluegrass musicians
  • 400 burgers and hotdogs
  • A perfect day--

PARTICIPATE with PROJECT CLEAN STREAM to remove so much trash, tires, and car parts from creeks in the Cape.

PUBLICIZE simple ways to care for creation in our households through the parish newsletter.

RENEW the RECYCLING initiative at our parish.

Brainstorm, laugh, and enjoy each others' company while we work together to preserve and protect the earth within the context of this faith we love.

Want to join the team?

Call 410-974-4366 to contact Cathy Tengwall.

Everything is connected.    - Pope Francis