Justice & Peace

This committee accepts its mission to contribute to the parish's understanding of contemporary social issues in light of the church's teaching on social responsibility and promotes opportunities for parishioners to respond to these issues.

The committee has three goals: 1) to serve as an avenue for education of our parish on social, political, and moral issues; 2) action as advocated for gospel based social policies; and 3) the formation of a community that seeks to interpret the Word of God to have real meaning in our daily lives so that we may follow the model of Jesus Christ.

The Justice and Peace Committee's mission calls it to a role of advocacy in both a legislative and a public awareness orientation. To this end, a sub-group has been formed, called the Issues and Action Group, that deals with both long-term issues and ad hoc issues. The call to advocacy leads to addressing issues of justice concerning the preferential option for the poor, women's issues, the environment, political prisoners around the world, and any area of injustice as it arises.

The on-going sister parish relationships with San Francisco de Asis in El Salvador and St. Martin's Catholic Community in Baltimore is facilitated by this committee. A sub-group has been formed to facilitate the communications with St. Andrew’s Salvadoran sister parish. This group leads the parish in the translation of information both to and from San Francisco de Asis and serve as translators during visits at mass and other events.

No special talents or skills are required to participate, however, the translation committee is always eager to welcome those who offer their skills as Spanish translators and interpreters.

To volunteer or for more information, please call 410-974-4366 to contact Jeanne Sequeria.