Our Curriculum

  • Please explore this sight for an overview of the curriculum and wonderful activities for your children.
  • Our religious education program uses the Gospel Weekly program by the Pflaum publishing group.  This curriculum is separated into four different grade categories for elementary children:  Seeds for 4-year old preschoolers, Promise for Kindergarten-1st graders, Good News for 2nd-3rd graders, and Venture for 4th-5th graders.  For more information and coordinating home activities, please visit http://www.pflaumweeklies.com/parents.
  • The Benziger Family Life Program/Child Protection Program, which is required by the Archdiocese, is incorporated into the PREP program. Materials are also sent home to parents. Copies of the religious education texts and Family Life are available for parental review at any time. Please follow the link below to reach the Benzinger Family Life website with parent resources and activities to share with your children:
  • http://rclbfamilylife.com