Parish Library/Narthex Kiosk

Our Parish Library is located in the Parish Center. It is open and staffed as follows:

Sunday mornings:
  • Summer hours (Memorial to Labor Day):  9:30-10:30am
  • While PREP is NOT in session:  9:00-11:30am
  • While PREP is in session:  9:00-10:00am
  • 2nd Sundays (October through May):  9:00-11:30am
You may also use the library at the following times:
  • During office hours, unless the room is being used.
  • Evenings, before and after meetings.

Borrow traditional, classic, and contemporary books:

  • The Bible and books about Scripture
  • The Catechism of the Catholic Church, and books about what we believe and why.
  • Lives of the saints, and the voices of contemporary Catholics
  • Children’s books and video-tapes
  • Books on parenting, marriage, grief, suffering

Visti our "Quiet Corner":

  • With a comfortable chair
  • Books on prayer, spirituality, retreats
  • Prayer shawls available to remind you that you are wrapped in the arms of God.

Browse through a current Catholic magazine or newspaper to see what’s happening in the Church today, or take home a back issue:

U.S. Catholic

  • Award winning magazine published by the Claretians, beginning in 1935.
  • “We invite and help our readers to explore the wisdom of their faith tradition and to apply that faith to the challenges of life in the 21st century. U.S. Catholic does not claim to have all the answers but is committed to voicing and raising the questions American Catholics grapple with. We conduct our mission with a sense of humor, respect for our tradition and our readers, and a firm belief that the Catholic faith, well lived, responds best to our deepest longings and aspirations.”
  • Articles on Everyday Spirituality, Parenting, Parish Life, Sacraments, Scripture, Environment, Ethics of Life, Art and Reviews, and more.
  • Online at find these as well as blogs, videos, surveys. Plus the U.S.Catholic Book Club – great recommendations and reviews, plus online discussions.


  • A national Jesuit magazine founded in 1909, published weekly.
  • Mission statement: “America is a Catholic media ministry that interprets the Church for the world and the world for the Church. It is a forum for discussion of religion, society, politics and culture from a Catholic perspective. The Ignatian tradition of ‘finding God in all things’ and the promotion of justice shape our community. . . . A resource for spiritual renewal and social analysis guided by the spirit of charity.”
  • At, you’ll also find book reviews, poetry, and podcasts from the likes of Stanley Hauerwas and Luke Timothy Johnson.
  • America’s Catholic Book Club recommends a new book each month.

You can also visit our kiosk in the church Narthex: Purchase inexpensive CDs and booklets from Lighthouse Catholic Media.

Parish Center bookshelf: Resources free to all on the bookshelf in the lobby of the parish center. Stop by and see what interests you. Take one, then pass it on.