Ranger Rosaries

What is a Ranger Rosary?

A Ranger Rosary is a rugged hand-made rosary made from virtually indestructible parachute chord and minimally-reflective beads designed to be taken into the field as an aid to prayer to support the spiritual lives of men and women of the United States armed forces. The rosaries are made by volunteers in a network of 30 parishes and shipped with prayer cards free of charge to Catholic and Protestant chaplains around the world, especially those deployed in combat zones, and those at stateside training bases, the Navy fleet, military academies, and military hospitals. As of 2014, one million rosaries were distributed to the military.  Currently we are averaging 100,000 rosaries per year which still cannot keep up with the demand.  Learn more about the history, mission, chaplain feedback, and see field photos at the Ranger Rosary website.

Goals of St. Andrew by the Bay Ranger Rosary Ministry

Our goals are to spread the message of Mary's powerful loving intercession, generate interest in the rosary, and continue to supply our armed forces with rosaries to keep up with the demand from chaplains. We hold a monthly Workshop for fellowship and to teach people how to make rosaries (children of all ages are welcome), provide material kits to make rosaries at home if desired, and support a "friends of Ranger Rosaries" email network. For further information, call 410-974-4366 to contact Mary Lutzio.