RCIA Stories

RCIA Stories

We have welcomed many into the Catholic Church through the years: men and women, youth, and boys and girls over age 7. People who have felt lost and didn't know where to look for God. People who have been worshiping with us for years with their Catholic spouses. Children who, for many different reasons, were not baptized as infants.

Here are some of the things they have to say about becoming Catholic:

The Chrism used for anointing during Confirmation was wonderful!  The smell reminded me of my best perfume -- it permeates the room, in a good way.  It is so sweet and wonderful, I just wanted to keep breathing it in!  It reminded me of the Holy Spirit, always moving among us, within us, unseen but active.

I am so glad to finally be Catholic and receive the Eucharist with my family!  I came to Mass with them before, but it was like I was looking in from the outside.  But now I'm on the inside, now this is my home, too.

Being Catholic was like coming home.

I didn't know everybody being baptized, but after being at the Vigil, being with them and celebrating with them, I feel like I know them so well.  They are part of my family now, part of us!

It was wonderful to see the whole assembly with their hands up blessing us all, every person in that church together with one purpose, for us!  I could feel their love and support.

I have been going through the RCIA process at St. Andrew by the Bay and have had such a great experience...couldn't imagine a nicer way to be welcomed into the church.  For me, religious beliefs were always present but never fully explored...or understood.  I'm glad my faith will now have a home to continue to grow.

I loved the light of all the candles filling the church, shining on everyone's faces!  Not just one candle, but all the candles together, all lit from the one Christ Candle.  We were all held together as one in that light, like in the light of Christ.

I'm so full of joy--my wife and I didn't go to sleep until 3 in the morning!  We couldn't stop talking about this journey and our amazement that God brought me here.

I wan't sure if my extended family would come to the Easter Vigil when I was baptized - after all, I'm leaving their faith. But they did, and they were so joyful for me. Even my brother didn't give me a hard time!

Catching sight of the children in their white robes for the first time, after they'd been baptized, was amazing!  They looked holy, almost glowing.  My heart caught in my throat.

From Holy Thursday through Easter Vigil, this was an experience like I never had.  The Holy Spirit was very loud:  everything seemed amplified, more real.  It was amazing.  I don't want to lose that feeling.

Since I was baptized, I feel like there's a fire that I can't put out.

I stood up there at the altar with Fr. Jeff and looked out at the assembly, and had the incredible feeling that we're all in this together. I'm not just a guy with a baby who gets there just before Mass starts and doesn't know where to sit - I have this sense of belonging.

Now I feel whole, full.  We've been doing a lot of service, building relationships, connecting -- but now it's different, and I really belong.

We wanted to start a family, and it was important for me to grow in my relationship with God not just for me, but for our family too, and to belong to a faith community.

I keep saying, 'thank you!' over and over. It feels like a second chance, and there's a challenge too - what am I going to do with it?

I've been on an amazing journey that changed everything.