RCIA Stories

We have welcomed so many into the Catholic Church through the years.  Here are some thoughts from our newest Catholics:

I did a lot of research and took Therese of Lisieux as my Confirmation name.  I love her "little way" and that she was so humble.  It was a wonderful moment when Fr. Jeff confirmed me and spoke that name.  I was looking up at the round window afterward and could almost feel her smiling!  I wanted to say to her, "Can you believe this?"

Being wrapped in the towel after my Baptism was like a big warm hug.

Every step of the way, and through the whole Easter Vigil, I knew I was not alone.  I knew I would be guided and held.  I didn't worry about making mistakes.  I was totally immersed in that experience.

It seemed like last summer when we came to St. Andrew, there were infant baptisms every Sunday and the renewal of Baptismal promises.  I've answered those questions before - "Do you believe?"  I do, and I have, but at the Vigil it was different because those questions were for me.  I know what I'm saying now.

Fr. Jeff spoke of us by name during the homily.  Actually, he said we were the homily, that what we were doing was really us giving to this community, not just receiving.  I had chills, I still do when I talk about it.  We've been given so much, and I loved hearing that we were giving.

I loved the whole Triduum, especially the Vigil!  Such a feast for my senses:  fire, incense, water, flowers, candles, silence, singing, walking, darkness, light.  I went home each night and said, "That was the most amazing thing!  I have to do this again!  I will be there every year."

For me, it's about direction.  I've been Christian my whole life.  Ever since last year when I came here, I've been praying that I am going in the right direction.  And actually being received into the Church, receiving the sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist, I really felt confirmed that I am.