On April 2, 1990, the Severna Park Assistance Network (SPAN) opened its doors to local area families in crisis.  Now known as SPAN (Serving People Across Neighborhoods), SPAN was formed because of the concern on the part of the ministers in the area with regard to the growing demand for emergency help, the need to identify the people seeking help, and a process to help those people in a dignified and expeditious manner.  Before that, those needing assistance would be forced to go from church to church.  SPAN enabled them to find that same resource in one place.

For over 25 years SPAN has been serving our neighbors to help them through a critical or emergency situation such as utility turn-offs, court-ordered evictions, and prescription/medical needs and food.  SPAN’s primary service areas include:  Severna Park, Millersville, Arnold and the Broadneck Peninsula.  SPAN’s partners include 14 partner churches that are located in Severna Park, as well as in the surrounding communities of Millersville, Arnold and the Broadneck Peninsula and Annapolis.

SPAN is staffed by an executive director, an associate director and trained volunteers who work in its pantry and meet with the clients who apply for assistance. But we can’t do it alone.  SPAN is very blessed to have the support of local businesses, civic organizations, schools, and individuals.

St. Andrew By the Bay supports SPAN financially and for their Holiday Care through our Tree of Compassion.  Joann McKnab, a parishioner of St. Andrew by the Bay, currently serves on the SPAN board and is looking for an alternate to help with those duties.  If you are interested or have any questions about SPAN, please feel free to call 410-974-4366 to contact Joann McKnab.