Sponsor Couple

Beginning a marriage is perhaps the most important step that people take in their lives; however, it is an event for which life often prepares us poorly. While love is the foundation of marriage, love alone cannot be our only preparation for marriage. The Church cares deeply for couples entering the Sacrament of Marriage. Our parish offers the Sponsor Couple Process as part ot the marriage preparation for engaged couples.

In this ministry, one experienced and well-trained couple meets, in their home, with one engaged couple. They agree to gather together for several sessions (usually five) in order to help the engaged couple increase their knowledge and awareness of each other's values and attitudes as well as improve their communication skills, problem-solving abilities, appreciation of human exuality, and the expression of their shared spirituality.

The Sponsor Couple Team, trained by the Archdiocese, administers a pre-marriage inventory (FOCCUS) and discusses the results with the engaged couple, tailoring marriage preparation to meet the specific needs of the couple. There is much benefit to the engaged couple due to the specificity of their marriage preparation and the mentoring, modeling relationship they experience with their sponsor couple.

If you are feeling called to this ministry, please call 410-974-4366 to contact Stacie and Dan Sullivan.