The whole parish community together welcomes new members into our midst.

Welcome - Pray - Invite - Extend hospitality - Celebrate
And do the hard work of peace and justice.
As a community of faith, we manifest the Lord’s presence to all who are seeking to join us.

Many are called to more specific roles:

  • RCIA Sponsors accompany men and women on their journey of faith as they prepare to become Catholic. Sponsors are not teachers, facilitators, or theologians. They are every-day Catholics who agree to support others on their faith journey. Sponsors are: compassionate guides, good listeners, respectful of differences, prayerful, warm and welcoming, open to questions.
  • Faith-Sharing Facilitators break open the Sunday readings with the catechumens and candidates, talking together about faith and life, guided by reflection materials. They are willing to freely share, while recognizing that each individual’s journey is sacred and there are many ways of living faith.
  • RCIA Hospitality Team creates a welcoming environment each week for our Tuesday night sessions. They are friendly, warm, and welcoming!
  • Inquiry/pre-cat/evangelization Team (Inquiry) welcomes inquirers whenever they come to our door. In this informal process, they listen to and share faith stories, introduce inquirers to parish life, pray for and with them, helping them get in touch with the deep action of God in their lives. They are accepting, honest, and prayerful, good listeners and story-tellers, open to the movement of the Spirit.


    Feeling called to be part of the Team?
    Call Stephany Crane at 410-974-4366