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Adult Faith Formation
Parish Office

Stephany Crane

BaptismsFr. Jeffrey S. Dauses410-974-4366

Fr. Jeffrey S. Dauses

Baptism PreparationDeacon Bill Fleming

Deacon Bill Fleming

Becoming Catholic/RCIAStephany Crane410-974-4366Stephany Crane
ConfirmationParish Office410-974-4366Meredith Powell
Contribution RecordsParish Office410-974-4366Kristin Walsh
Copies of Sacramental RecordsParish Office410-974-4366Kathy Beard
Envelopes/Online and Electronic GivingParish Office410-974-4366Kristin Walsh
1st EucharistParish Office410-974-4366Meredith Powell
1st ReconciliationParish Office410-974-4366Meredith Powell
FuneralsParish Office410-974-4366

Fr. Jeffrey S. Dauses

Parish RegistrationParish Office410-974-4366Kathy Beard
Prep/Youth Ministry RegistrationParish Office410-974-4366Meredith Powell

Sue Jeglinski

ReconciliationRev. Jeffrey S. Dauses410-974-4366Rev. Jeffrey S. Dauses
Sponsor CertificatesParish Office410-974-4366Kathy Beard
WeddingsFr. Jeffrey S. Dauses

Fr. Jeffrey S. Dauses