Corona Virus

At this time of uncertainty, Christ is ever-present and constantly pointing us to our Heavenly Father.


There is no doubt about it, our kid's lives are turned upside down at the moment.  From an adult perspective, the changes that affect our kids (such as cancelled trips, parties, and school) can seem trivial in light of our adult worries.  To a child however, all of these disruptions in their schedule add to the worry of what they overhear and see in the adults around them.  Now our children have the very sudden closing of PREP for the year and Mass being cancelled.  Even celeberating their faith together as a family has changed.  

So what do we do?  I am glad you asked!


First, PRAY and read the daily bible readings that all Catholics throughout the world are reading.  You can find these at Praying together and proclaiming the Word of God as a family keeps us connected to our larger Catholic Family, even when we are not physically able to come together. 


Second, read this article on Talking to Kids About the Corona Virus: A Christian Parent's Response.


Third, stay focused on LENT!  There is no better way to deal with this crisis than to continue our spiritual "spring cleaning" and preparing our hearts for the Risen Christ!  Nothing is more powerful than Christ's Passion, Death, and Resurrection, certainly not the Corona Virus.  


Fourth, provide your children consistent moments with you to focus on their faith formation!  Here are some Lenten activities for you to do at home with your children since they are not able to be in their PREP class!

Catholic Kids Media – Offers Lenten Homilies for kids


Loyola Press – 3 minute Daily Retreats for families


Catholic Icing –today Hands on Lenten activities



Last, but certainly not least, remember that we are here for you!  Our Parish office is still open during the week, and you can email me anytime.  I will be checking my email throughout each day (including weekends) to be available for any pastoral needs!  All of us at St. Andrew by the Bay truly want you to come to us if you are concerned, confused, or in need of spiritual refuge.