Family Faith Formation

Family Faith Formation

Are you looking for a faith formation option that is done as a family and not grade based?


Our Family Faith Formation program has replaced our traditional homeschool option.  Rather than meeting in a class, you will be provided a curriculum to complete at home with your child, with retreats offered through the year.  The only time this is not an option is during your child's sacramental year. 

2022-23 Schedule


Current News!

The first zoom meeting with Krystal Garay, your catechist, is this evening (October 5th) at 6pm.  Please look for an email from Meredith that provided the dates and links, which was sent on September 15th.  We do not post the links to our website to ensure privacy.  



  • Our Family Faith Formation year will begin September 25, 2022.
  • There will be monthly gathering (either in zoom or in person)
  • Krystal Garay and Jen Minor are here for you throughout the year for support you may need
  • No physical materials need to be returned to us, there will be a family feedback project at the end of the year.



The curriculum for a family faith formation program is Family Faith Formation by the Church of St. Paul.  Your family materials are to be picked up at the beginning of the PREP year and are used all year. No materials need to be returned to us.  Click Here to look more into the currriculum for Family Faith Formation.   Questions can be directed to Jen at  


How is At-Home Family Faith Formation different from In-Class Faith Formation?

  1. There is a separate schedule that does not follow the main Elementary Faith Formation Schedule.  The link for the schedule is at the top of this page.
  2. It is not a grade-based curriculum.  It is meant to be done together as a family with the content being delivered in three forms at the same time: that of adult formation, older saints (4th to 6th grades), and younger saints (3rd grade and younger).  The whole family grows closer to Christ together.
  3. Each month there is a monthly meeting that is mostly for the kids, but we do ask that the adults are in the same room.  As of now, the meetings will be held over Zoom.  Once we are past the Fall season, we may look into having them in person.  The link is emailed to registered families.
  4. There are dates throughout the year where you have to pick up new packets.  Unfortunately, we are not able to plan for these dates since we have to wait for the publisher to release them.  We will contact you as soon as we have information on when they will be ready.
  5. There is a weekly wrap-up (assessment) that is accessed through a QR code at the end of the lesson.  This should also be done in a family format, so if you do so verbally, please just email Krystal at letting her know you completed it and if you have any questions.