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Click on the image below to view a PREP announcement during Mass on July 19th.


July 19th PREP Announcement During Mass









Information on next year!

To give you an idea of what PREP will be like next year, you should know we will not be able to have physical classes for faith formation because of the restrictions on gatherings that are still in place.  Faith Formation is NOT strictly online, it is a happy medium. 

I have heard from too many families about an overload of online activities.  The children will have a book that they work through with Mom/Dad one section at a time.  After the chapter is complete, the children do an online chapter review which takes 5 to 10 minutes and email it to their catechist.  Each catechist will have a group of kids that they “lead” in a few different ways; keeping track of the online chapter reviews, posting a brief video of that chapter’s take-away points, sharing any extra activities they want to share, and being present as a resource person for elementary families.

Each family logs in with their child when they are able to that week (not a designated time), to see what the catechist has to share about the content in that chapter.   

Clicke HERE to register for 2020-21 PREP Year!

Important Updates!

We finally have some dates for 1st Communion!!! Yay!!  More dates will be added continually until everyone has had celeberated their 1st Eucharist.

Please see the following link for all the information and sign up information. 

As always please contact Jen or Meredith with any questions.



Waiting for a grand reopening of our state, country, and mostly our churches...

Since we have no way of knowing when we will be able to gather in person again, I’d like to keep the lines of communication open so that we can address any needs or challenges—spiritual or otherwise—that our young people may face.  We are a strong community with TONS of heart and compassion so please don’t hesitate to come to us if your Spirit is weary and in need of a spiritual boost! 

Thank you so much for your flexibility and understanding, not only with the current situation but for your incredible support all year.  Faith formation is a commitment not easily kept with the business of our society, and I hope your children know how lucky they are that you have situated it as a ‘must-do’ in their lives. Please tell your children how wonderful it has been seeing them grow in faith this year, and that we love them dearly.