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Given the press release by the AA County school system to suspend assemblies and large gatherings, we have made the decision to cancel the remaining children's faith formation classes starting this weekend.  

Believe me, this decision did not come lightly. Given the possibility of a tumultuous next-few-weeks, it was important to me to send our young people off this week with a positive message of strength, faith, and hope in Christ and in each other.  However, given the fact that our remaining sessions are large-group based to prepare for the closing assembly and given the fact that it is our policy to follow AACPS policy, Fr Jeff and I decided that the most prudent decision would be to cancel altogether. 

The Catechists and I feel so badly that we won’t have the chance to properly say good-bye and to end with our tradition of the closing assembly, where your children remember the love of Christ they have experienced this year and share it with you. I will be working on a slideshow to send out, so you can experience the growth in faith your children have had in this year of faith formation!  

Since we have no way of knowing what the next few weeks will bring, I’d like to keep the lines of communication open so that we can address any needs or challenges—spiritual or otherwise—that our young people may face.  Some of the Catechists have expressed interest in sending prayers or reflections and we would just generally like to offer anything your child may need should they (or you) begin to feel unsettled.  We are a strong community with TONS of heart and compassion so please don’t hesitate to come to us if your Spirit is weary and in need of a spiritual boost! 

Thank you so much for your flexibility and understanding, not only with the current situation but for your incredible support all year.  Faith formation is a commitment not easily kept with the business of our society, and I hope your children know how lucky they are that you have situated it as a ‘must-do’ in their lives. Please tell your children how wonderful it has been seeing them grow in faith this year, and that we love them dearly.

Sacramental Program - Interviews and More

As of now, the 1st Eucharist Mass dates you are signed up for remain unchanged.  There are some children who were not in class when we had our 1st Communion interviews.  I will be consulting with Fr. Jeff to determine the best way to get these in before the communion dates in May.  Should there be any changes to our scheduled dates, I will pass this on immediately so please keep an eye on your email.  Please spend this time going over the interview questions (click here) with your child.  All families should be completing their sessions in their God’s Gift – Eucharist Curriculum, practicing their Communion Song, and practicing receiving the Eucharist.

Upcoming event for the Doves is cancelled

We will be looking for possibly a Saturday during the Summer to get our Doves together!  Please stay tuned!


Rocky Railway will be visiting our Parish children the Summer of 2021!