Families on the Go

New Addition to the Elementary Faith Formation Program

Welcome to our new addition to faith formation, Families On the Go!  This method of faith formation is designed with flexibility to keep Mass at the center of your family’s spiritual growth amid many time commitments and traveling.  With Jesus at the center of faith formation, your children will grow in the sacramental beautify of our faith as they learn. 

There are two parts to this formation:

  The first is Growth in Understanding which uses GPS – God’s Plan in Scripture by Ascension Press.  Just keep a bible in the car and take your workbook with you.  Many of the activities in the workbook can be done anywhere, especially during travel.  At the end of the year, turn in your workbook. 

 The second part of Families On the Go, is Experiencing our Faith.  This is the most important element of faith formation, as it shows our children how we live and worship as Catholics.  Experiencing our Faith begins with a commitment to attend Mass each week, no matter where you are.  There is an app on both apple and android devices that make this easy!  It is called Catholic Mass Times, and it will pull up all the parishes closest to your location and provide hours for Mass and Adoration. 


Other than Mass each week, you will choose three more faith experiences, from the list provided below, to attend throughout the PREP year (September through March).  Please know that social gatherings, such as picnics are not accepted here as one of the three.  If you have any doubts, email Jen at jminor@standrewbythebay.org. 

For each event you attend, take a picture or take a program with you.  Write down where you were, the date, and what you saw, experienced, or learned on a piece of paper.  For each Faith event you attend, include the picture/program and writing to turn in with your book at the end of the year.  This should be done as a family, and can be turned in as a family.  You may also turn these in throughout the year if you are worried you may lose the papers.