Updates on 1st Reconciliation and 1st Eucharist Program


1st Eucharist - Parent Retreat/Meeting

Join us on January 20th at 6:00pm for our Parent Retreat/Meeting of those whose children are receiving 1st Eucharist this Spring. This meeting will be a bit longer, since we are only having one retreat for 1st Eucharist with an optional discussion meeting with Fr. Andrew on February 10th.  Click HERE to join the retreat!


1st Eucharist - Zoom Talk with Fr. Andrew for 1st Communion Parents.

Join us on February 10th at 6:00pm on Zoom for a spirit-led discussion and heart-to-heart with Fr. andrew.  What would you ask God if you were face-to-face with our Heavenly Father? Join us for some informal and free discussion about this and your child's upcoming sacraments of initiation.  Click HERE to join!



Teaching Mass Sign-up

Sign-up Genius for the Teaching Mass can be found by clicking HERE.  Please note that the Teaching Mass is a formal component of our Sacramental Program.


1st Reconciliation Date - Sign-up

Sign-up Genius for 1st Reconciliation can be found by clicking HERE.

1st Communion Date - Sign-up

Sign-up Genius for 1st Communion can be found by clicking HERE.

Sacramental Materials Pick-up

First Eucharist Curriculum packets will be given out during the Teaching Mass on Sunday, January 17th.



1st Reconciliation & 1st Eucharist 2021 information!

We are greatly looking forward to this sacramental year of 2020-21!  Our program will look a bit different this year due to restrictions, but be assured that we are ready to accompany children along their last year of preparation for the sacrament of Reconciliation and Communion.  We will be once again using the God's Gift Curriculum for the at-home portion of their sacramental formation.

There will be 4 parent session throughout the year (currently scheduled to be held via zoom).  In the Spring the children will be divided into two groups for a morning retreat (being held two different days).  We will still have our teaching Mass as well.  A calendar will be out in September with all 1st Reconciliation and 1st Communion dates.

Your child's journey towards receiving Christ, the source and summit of our faith, is an experience that touches all of us in the Parish.  We can't wait to welcome our 2020-21 First Communicants to the Lord's Table with their Catholic Family.


Important Dates!