Becoming Catholic/RCIA

Becoming Catholic/RCIA

Got questions?
Thinking about becoming Catholic?

We will listen to your story. Answer your questions. Meet you where you are. And go on from there. There are no strings attached; the only requirement is a searching and sincere heart. 

Each person’s faith journey is unique. Should you decide to continue in the process of becoming Catholic, we’ll work with you in the way that is best for you. 

Contact: Fr. Andrew at 410-974-4366 or

Frequently Asked Questions


What about the Children?

We will work with you to prepare your children to receive the sacraments of Initiation – baptism, confirmation, and eucharist. Together, we will help your children become part of the community, discover what it means to be a Catholic Christian, and grow in relationship with Jesus Christ.

If your child is baptized but has had no faith formation, call Fr. Andrew at 410-974-4366.