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EVERY PERSON in our parish serves those seeking to become Catholic.  Everyone is a member of the RCIA Team.  We welcome, pray, invite, celebrate, and do the hard work of justice and peace.  It takes all of us.

Some serve in more specific roles:

  • Inquiry/pre-catechumenate team
    • welcomes seekers whenever they come to our door.  In this informal process, they listen to and share faith stories, introduce seekers to parish life, pray for and with them.
    • accepting, honest, and prayerful, good listeners and story-tellers, open to the movement of the Spirit.
  • RCIA Mentors
    • accompany men and women on their journey of faith as they prepare to become Catholic.  They are not teachers, facilitators, or theologians.  They are every-day Catholics who agree to support others on their faith journey.
    • compassionate guides, good listeners, respectful of differences, prayerful, warm and welcoming, open to questions.
  • Faith-Sharing Facilitators
    • break open the Sunday readings with those not yet baptized, talking together about faith and life, guided by reflection materials.
    • willing to freely share, while recognizing that each individual's journey is sacred and there are many ways of living faith.

And for the children

  • Pre-catechumenate team
    • walks with children over age 7 and their families as they begin this early part of their journey of faith.  In a small group setting, they share the stories of our faith and help the families discover how these speak to our lives.
  • Catechists
    • teach children and their families our Catholic faith, and help them experience how we live as Catholic Christians.
  • Faith-Sharing Facilitators
    • share the Sunday readings with those who are not baptized.

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