Summer Madness


June 26th - 30th 

 Registration is closed for 2023 Summer Madness.  

  • CLICK HERE  Driver/Chaperone Sign Up Genius which is now locked for editing and signing up, but you can still view your shifts.  Email Meredith Powell with any questions or EMERGENCY changes to your current sign up. 
  • CLICK HERE for 2023 Parent Packet
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More detailed information about Summer Madness can be found below the flyer. 

Summer Madness CANNOT happen without our parent volunteers.  We cannot use buses since we need to get so many groups of kids to many different work sites. Even if we could use buses, it would make the program way too costly. 

Parent volunteer shifts consist of the following: 

Parents can choose from Morning & Afternoon shifts.

AM Shifts are approximately 8:30am-12:30pm or 8:45am-12:45pm. The AM shift consists of the parent driver/chaperone driving an assigned group of youth to a work site. Parent chaperone will stay to volunteer and generally oversee the group, but the Peer Ministers are the leaders for the campers. 

PM Shifts are approximately 12:30-4:30pm.  It varies slightly based on the afternoon activity the day you volunteer. The PM shift consists of the parent driver/chaperone driving a group of youth to the fun site planned for that day, then stay to help where needed. 


Parent/Chaperone Driving Requirements:

Parents will sign up for all their driving/chaperone shifts on a Sign-Up Genius that will be sent out end of May. All parents NEED to offer at least two (2) shifts for the first registered camper/PM AND one (1) shift for each additional camper/PM during the week. So if you have 1 Camper/PM attending, you will sign up for 2 shifts.  If you have 2 Campers/PMs, you will sign up for 3 shifts, and so on. 


ALL PARENT VOLUNTEERS MUST BE VIRTUS/STAND CERTIFIED. Step-by-step instructions will be emailed to you.  This certification consists of a background check, driving check, 3 reference checks, and a short training session.  This is a requirement of the Archdiocese of Baltimore and is all done through a secure online provider.  This certification is good for 5 years once completed. 


Worthy of the Call Certification for youth ages 14-17 consists of 2 steps:
1. Application to Volunteer - CLICK HERE
2. Attend 1 (one) in-person training session.  
Please email Meredith Powell to if you need an in-person training date. 

There will be a Summer Madness packet provided to all registered families that will describe all of this and more in great detail.  


Summer Madness 2021 & 2022 pictures and videos will give you an idea of all the great fun we have all week visiting our morning service sites, then letting loose at our afternoon fun sites, all culminating in Friday's trip to Hershey Park. 

CLICK HERE for 2022 Summer Madness video

CLICK HERE for 2022 Summer Madness pictures

CLICK HERE for 2021 Summer Madness video 

CLICK HERE for 2021 Summer Madness pictures